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Calling all farmers engineers and agricultural service providers:

I believe in a future that is supporting of, and influenced by, brilliant people growing real food. One piece of that puzzle is farm profitability – profitability that can be found with more efficiency and reduced dependency on non-creative labor tasks through technology and system design.

I have heard too many times that "there's no buying power in the small farm market" and "farmers are technology averse", but I know that many farmers are influenced to purchase technology when the cost:benefit analysis is clearly favorable. Because there is limited tech innovation for this market that actually solves sustainable ag design challenges, farmers invent and retrofit their own technology, prefer decades (and in some cases, centuries) old machinery for many core functions, and also purchase unbelievably expensive precision ag, season extension, and cloud-based management tech that has been designed for a completely different user.


I am not the first to see this gap, and I am proud to highlight the efforts of other organizations working to facilitate more innovation for the sustainable ag ecosystem. 


Do you have a recommendation for another organization doing great work? Let's talk, we can build this together over time. 
Do you have an opinion about the direction of this program? Let's talk, collaboration and inclusion are key to building programs effectively. 



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